Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Importance of my Family

by Allan Raymund Santiago

Love begins in ourselves. As we grew up, love has been develop throughout the family. Family plays an important role in building a strong community.

We Filipinos, really valued the importance of a family. We have different practices that we put in action such as Eating all together; Praying together; Attending mass together; Go shopping all together.

I still remember when I am just a younger boy, my mommy and my daddy always tell us to wait until everyone is in the dining table. And before we begin the lunch or dinner, there is always a prayer before meal. Even I am starving, I cannot eat.

Also every evening, my mommy is always invite us to pray for the rosary. I remember that time, we and my sister had became headache to her. We are always telling her after the telenovela or we are giving excuses that we are sleepy. But she is always explain to us the importance of prayers. Even we finish the telenovela late at night we cannot escape her, as she is waiting us to finish and start the rosary afterwards.

Attending mass every Sunday is a must for my mother. She is very persistence to wake us up early in the morning.

All that I have now, I owe it to my parents. They have dressed me through this values. Eventhough I am committing mistakes, they are always on my side. Their love is genuine and enormous to their son. As we have a saying as well mothers knows best.

Love and forgiveness. These two topics also apply in a family relationship.

Many parents now are busy in their respective works, that they tend to forgot that they have children that should be taken care of. When they arrive at home, they are tired. They cannot even share time for their children. This is the reality. This is one reason why there are lot of numbers of broken family. As years pass by, the children of today had different interpretation about having a family. What on the mind of children and youth is when I grew up I will strive harder to find a good job to feed my family and survive in this world.

We are forgetting the true values of a family. We should set our own priorities in life. We should balanced our time with our work and with our family. The love matters most above the material things. All of us needs a love of a mother, a love of a father, a love of a son and a love of a daughter.

Everyone of us has our ups and downs in a family, but family are not meant to be disposable. During the 'downs' we need to look for ways to fill our family with love once again. During the 'ups' we can let the family relationship overflow with the love we have, spilling onto those around us.

In a family, thre are times in our life that we commit mistakes. But the forgiveness from our part will rebuid our families. We should learn the art of forgiving. And once, we forgive. Let the past be burried and start a new life. Do not bring it again on our present life, for it will bring only argument in our families and maybe can destroy our families.

Love and Forgiveness is key essential for a success of a relationship in a family.

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