Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Words of Gratitude from the children of Homer and Nanette

June 6, 2010

Mark Adem, son of Homer and Nanette, expressed his sincerest gratitude to the Apostles Filipino Catholic Community for all the love and support for their parents who are celebrating their 25 years as married couples:

From the bottom of our heart, Thank you so much... You really make our parents happier and made their promises of love a dream come true and pure.

If there's a regret, It is not be present during our parents memorable occssion and celebration of faithful and blessful love. Ifonly life's easier than we thought and be together sharing the happiest day our life... ...

Replies from the Community

Sued Magmanlac
totoy,pinapatak mo naman ang luha ko eh.

Roberto Luanzon Jr.
Welcome, Mark! We continue praying for your family especially for your Dad. God bless.:-)

Celina Magmanlac Atienza
davou, dnt wori we are always here for ur mom and esp ur dad. hopefully it s the best way for ur dad to fight inspite of ol d aches and fear......we continue to pray. ninang luvs u...

Ely Robles
davou dont worry we contenue to PRAY for your DAD of course your family..ingat lagi kau jan..

Apostles Filipino Catholic Community
kakatouch tlg ang full support ng community


MARK replied:

Mark Adem
To those who loves us, MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT! Many thanks to the Apostles Filipino Community! I hope you inspire and care for more people most especially to those who are in needs... LOVE YOU PO AND GOD BLESS YOU PO!


Mary Ann Adem, their daughter, replied (June 11, 2010):

To all of you guyz, i wanna say thank you so much for the effort, but not only to that, for the sincerity, for giving so much love and care to my parents, naneth and homer adem, i know it's kinda late...i haven't open my account lately actually that's y...i'am so so overwelmed for what you have done to my mom and dad, i really don't know what to say, but saying Thank you is kulang na kulang...yet, i still want to Thank you for being there with my parents, it means a lot to us as well as hurting us, 'coz we are not there literally... i hope i can meet all of you guys in person. again Thank you so so much!!..I, Mary Ann M. Adem, daughter of mr. homer and naneth adem, in behalf of my other family members Thanking each and everyone of you for letting us feel that we're not alone.. THANK YOU!!

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