Sunday, January 23, 2011


Directions to Our Father's House

Make a right turn onto "Believeth Blvd." Keep straight and go through the Green Light which is Jesus Christ. From there, you must turn onto the "Bridge of Faith" which is over troubled waters. When you get off the bridge, make a Right and Keep Straight. You are on the "King's Highway" - Heaven Bound.

Keep going for three miles: One for the Father, One for the Son, and One for the Holy Spirit. Exit off onto"Grace Blvd". From there make a Right turn on "Gospel Lane." Keep Straight and then make another Right onto "Prayer Road".

As you travel on your way, Yield Not to the traffic on "Temptation Avenue." Also avoid "Sin Street", because it is a DEAD END!! Pass up "Envy Drive" and "Hate Avenue". Also pass "Hypocrisy Road", "Gossiping Lane" and "Backbiting Blvd".

However you must go down "Long Suffering Lane", "Persecution Street" and "Trials and Tribulations Avenue". But that's all right, because "VICTORY ROAD" is straight ahead! Amen!!!

Send these directions to your friends so they too can meet us at the party.

(Source: Promise of God)

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