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Why St. Joseph is the Terror of Demons?

Although detailed accounts of St. Joseph's life remains scarce, we learn from Scriptures and Sacred Tradition about his unshakeable faith, his assiduous perseverance, his admirable purity and his exceptional humility. The Church, in her wisdom, left the faithful with a legacy of a series of beautiful invocations in his honor called the Litany of St. Joseph. The vivid appellations found therein draw us closer to the saint and remind us of his many virtues. We find a particularly intriguing invocation full of meaning and truth, "Terror of Demons". Now, one wonders why? 

A noble vocation
Given the grandeur of his vocation – the protection, sustenance and care of the Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ as head of the Holy Family - we can expect that God also endowed him with an equally proportional grace to carry out such a lofty mission in life. And certainly we can picture him as a sublime icon of manliness and a pillar of strength that would sow terrible fear among the powers of darkness given the noble task under his watch.

Commitment to purity
In the writings of the venerable Mary of Agreda detailed in the City of God, we read that St. Joseph was a native of Nazareth, was of comely figure and agreeable countenance, very modest and incomparably genteel in appearance. He was related to the Blessed Virgin in the third degree, made a vow of perpetual chastity at age twelve, renewed and kept it in marriage much to the delight and joy of the Most Holy Virgin who vowed the same. He was thirty-three years old at that time.
It is beautiful to note here that when the holy priest Simeon gathered all the young men of Jerusalem from the house of David at the temple to choose who would be the rightful spouse of Our Lady, he was inspired by God to give each man a dry rod. After a period of prayer asking for the manifestation of the Divine Will, pure white lilies - the symbol of purity - blossomed from St. Joseph's staff and a white dove, most pure and brilliant, hovered over his head giving Simeon the sign that he was the chosen one.
Hence, St. Joseph is the epitome of a pure man: pure in thought, pure in heart; pure in body and soul – destined to be the most chaste spouse of Mary Most Holy conceived without sin. In face of such sublime purity and holiness, it would not be farfetched to believe that the ugly, filthy infernal spirits would cower in petrified fear in his presence.
The success of Christ's mission depended on St. Joseph
And in his hands lay the unenviable yet most exalted duty of protecting the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the pinnacle of all creation. God became Man to redeem mankind and to endow it with the most perfect and ultimate gift of Eternal Life through His Sacred Body and Blood. To fulfill His Divine mission, God the Father deigned to entrust His Son to the paternal care of St. Joseph. What a formidable and powerful man St. Joseph must have been!
We can certainly attribute this plan to God's Eternal Wisdom which has predestined us for Eternal Life through His Son. For this holy cause, He granted His Son to be born of a most pure Mother unblemished by the stain of Original Sin. And to ensure and preserve the integrity of that Immaculate Mother, He betrothed her to a beloved and most chaste spouse: Joseph.

Protector of the Church
And as the protector and guardian of Our Lord and Our Lady, St. Joseph is also invoked as the Patron of the Universal Church in apt recognition of his prowess and fortitude. The Catholic Church, born from the water that gushed forth from Jesus' side, and nurtured by the maternal love of Our Lady, sought comfort and protection from the snares and malice of Satan and his followers in the hands of St. Joseph, indeed, the terror of demons!. In recognition of this special place, Holy Mother Church honors him with the highest veneration called protodulia, higher than any given to angels and saints except for Mary who receives a special veneration called hyperdulia.
Patron of a Good Death
While Our Lady enjoyed the most singular privilege of perfect beauty of complexion and form even when she reached the age of seventy by virtue of her sinless body, God denied this favor to St. Joseph. Thus, he suffered bodily deterioration, pain and suffering with advancing age. Ultimately, he ceased from working and accepted his fate with resignation. Henceforth, he gave himself up entirely to the contemplation of the mysteries of which he was the depositary, and to the heroic practice of virtues.
Sacred Tradition tells us that Our Lord and Our Lady assisted him in his dying moments and his death was surpassed in holiness by no other saint – save by Jesus and Mary. By virtue of this, St. Joseph came to be known as the Patron of the Dying. Through the ages, the Catholic faithful lovingly prayed to him for the grace of a good and holy death. St. Joseph died at the age of sixty years.
Signal graces obtained through St. Joseph's intercession
Finally, again citing Mary of Agreda's City of God, we learn the following consoling revelations:
•    "First, those who invoke him shall obtain from God, by his intercession, the gift of chastity, and shall not be conquered by the temptation of the senses;
•    Secondly, they shall receive particular graces to deliver them from sin;
•    Thirdly, they shall obtain a true devotion to the Blessed Virgin;
•    Fourthly, they shall have a good and happy death, and in that all-decisive moment be defended against the assaults of Satan;
•    Fifthly, they shall be delivered when expedient for them, from bodily sufferings, and shall find help in their afflictions;
•    Sixthly, if married, they shall be blessed with offspring;
•    Seventhly, the demons shall have extreme dread of the glorious name of St. Joseph.
With so many graces to be obtained through his powerful intercession, let us not tarry nor hesitate in asking humbly for the protection and aid of dear St. Joseph, Terror of demons!

St. Joseph works another wonder

The story below confirms how powerful is Saint Joseph to help us in out material needs. So, let’s ask, and ask, and not just for our material needs either. 

More importantly, we must ask for our spiritual needs and for the good of our dear country, which is being destroyed by sin and its terrible consequences.

Here is the story from a member of America Needs Fatima who ordered the Saint Joseph Novena online:

"We received our St. Joseph prayer book about 3 weeks ago. We read through the entire letter you sent and we were inspired to start the novena that day.

"St. Joseph answered our prayers back in 2008 when he helped us sell our home in Arizona 1 month before my wife delivered our first born. This time I was praying for a job. My business is failing and I have been unemployed since March and the unemployment insurance was about to run out.

"We stormed Heaven with prayers and cried out to St. Joseph for a job that I would love to do and that would help pay the bills.

"The day after our Novena ended, I received a message from a Marine I served with 4 years ago. He owns a Pressure washing company and was looking to a hire a new Marketing Director the exact time I asked him if he was hiring!

"I am now working as the Marketing Director for the company. God is Great!

"Thank you Saint Joseph and thank you for the Novena Prayer Book."

Yours in Christ,


Why you need devotion to Saint Joseph now

by Dr. Alcasid

You live in a world surrounded by every type of sin and confusion. Your family is being ripped apart by every type of immoral and cultural force. You need to fight back with the power of Saint Joseph.

Try it, and find out for yourself just how powerful Saint Joseph is in tackling EVERY problem.

No one could put it better than St. Teresa of Avila:

"Saint Joseph gave me everything I asked for"

I took for my advocate and lord the glorious Saint Joseph and commended myself earnestly to him; and I found that this my father and lord delivered me both from this trouble and also from other and greater troubles concerning my honor and the loss of my soul, and that he gave me greater blessings than I could ask of him.

I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant. I am astonished at the great favors which God has bestowed on me through this blessed saint, and at the perils from which He has freed me, both in body and in soul. To other saints the Lord seems to have given grace to succor us in some of our necessities but of this glorious saint my experience is that he succors us in them all and that the Lord wishes to teach us that as He was Himself subject to him on earth (for, being His guardian and being called His father, he could command Him) just so in Heaven He still does all that he asks.

This has also been the experience of other persons whom I have advised to commend themselves to him; and even to-day there are many who have great devotion to him through having newly experienced this truth.

I used to try to keep his feast with the greatest possible solemnity; but, though my intentions were good, I would observe it with more vanity than spirituality, for I always wanted things to be done very meticulously and well. I had this unfortunate characteristic that, if the Lord gave me grace to do anything good, the way I did it was full of imperfections and extremely faulty. I was very assiduous and skilful in wrongdoing and in my meticulousness and vanity.

May the Lord forgive me. I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint, for I have great experience of the blessings which he can obtain from God. I have never known anyone to be truly devoted to him and render him particular services that did not notably advance in virtue, for he gives very real help to souls who commend themselves to him. For some years now, I think, I have made some request of him every year on his festival and I have always had it granted. If my petition is in any way ill directed, he directs it aright for my greater good.

If I were a person writing with authority, I would gladly describe, at greater length and in the minutest detail, the favors which this glorious saint has granted to me and to others.

But in order not to do more than I have been commanded I shall have to write about many things briefly, much more so than I should wish, and at unnecessarily great length about others: in short, I must act like one who has little discretion in all that is good. I only beg, for the love of God, that anyone who does not believe me will put what I say to the test, and he will see by experience what great advantages come from his commending himself to this glorious patriarch and having devotion to him.

Those who practice prayer should have a special affection for him always. I do not know how anyone can think of the Queen of the Angels, during the time that she suffered so much with the Child Jesus, without giving thanks to Saint Joseph for the way he helped them. If anyone cannot find a master to teach him how to pray, let him take this glorious saint as his master and he will not go astray.

May the Lord grant that I have not erred in venturing to speak of him; for though I make public acknowledgment of my devotion to him, in serving and imitating him I have always failed. He was true to his own nature when he cured my paralysis and gave me the power to rise and walk; and I am following my own nature in using this favor so ill.

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FILL IN THE BLANK: Natuto akong magrosary dahil kay/sa ____________________.

A survey among the member wherein the members fill in the blank.
Lay-out of the different segments of our AFCC site

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      • Apostles Filipino Catholic Community Natuto po akong magrosary dahil sa nanay at tita ko na every 6pm...tinatawag na ako sa kalsada kahit gusto ko pang maglaro dahil magrorosary na at mag-oorasyon. Di ko naman sineseryoso noon hanggat naging mahalagang bhagi ito ng buhay ko.-flc
        22 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • James Chan Natuto akong magrosary nang dahil sa LolA ko evry night before we sleep we gather togeher sa kwarto niya and have the rosary..
        22 hours ago ·  ·  4 people
      • Smf Simon Dahil sa turu ng nanay ko at sa rosary I found peace, healing, strength, conversion, protection, grace, blessing and faith, love and trust in God. I pray my rosary for my family, friends, me and my country and church.
        22 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Charlene Aguilar Escobal ganun din po ako father. Nung bata pa ako pag orasyon na tntawag ng mga tita at mga kptbahay kmi lahat para mag rosaryo tapos magmamano sa knila pag tumunog kampana kht sinong matanda ang kharap. syang wla ng ganun. Ngayn po nagrorasaryo din kmi mag anak bago matulog gabi-gabi. Hndi ko rn po na appreciate dati pero naging mahalagang pundasyon pala ng paglaki ko at d ko na nalimutan. Un man lng maipamana ko sa mga kids ko.
        22 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Cora Williams Dahil sa lola ko. Every night after dinner at 7pm. It is compulsory to kneel down or else, lagot kami. I miss my lola, RIP.
        22 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Lilet Marquez Natuto po ako sa rosary nung maging member ako ng block rosary ng FRC sa aming parokya. Elementary palang ako nun, since then naging active kami magkakapatid sa gawain sa simbahan and at the same time sa bahay natuto kami magrosaryo as family. Ang pagrorosaryo ang aming lakas lalo na sa pagdarasal para sa mga mahal sa buhay na nasa ibang bansa na doon naghahanapbuhay
        21 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Fe Baguio Natuto po akong magrosary dhil sa mga pinsan ko..dun po kc ako nakatira sa kanila at nung minsan isinama ako sa rotation ng paglelead ng rosary,nung una kabado ako kc d nila alam na iglesia ako.Ang galing nga naman nun kc,bigla po akng natuto at nagpasalamat dahil nakaexperience ako ng pagrorosary.At nakakatuwa din pati mga kapitbahay nakikirosary din every 6pm..pagdating ng uncle ko galing work pipila na kami para magmano at nagchecheck tlga sya kung nakapagrosary na kami..
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      • Reena de Leon I studied highschool ia a catholic school...pero yun kahalagahan po ng rosary ay natutunan ko sa Block Rosary Movement nun teenager pa ako...
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      • Noelito Castillon Sa aking lolo at lola na naghubog sa akin na maging tunay na katoliko. We pray every 8:00Pm sharp. I really missed them so much...
        21 hours ago ·  ·  3 people
      • Paul Cardenas rosaryo dahil sa mga magulang ko...
        20 hours ago ·  ·  3 people
      • Elemen Nopi DAHIL po sa Block Rosary movement na pinamumunuan ng nanay ko nuon.
        20 hours ago ·  ·  3 people
      • Timothy Fajarda 
        ako at aking mga classmates ay nagiging aktibo sa pananalangin ng Sto. Rosaryo. Bago kami sumabak sa aming review in prep for Nursing Board Exam, tinagubilinan kami ng aming dekana na manalangin ng mataimtim ng rosaryo araw-araw na nakaluho...See More
        20 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
      • Wemmie Ceballos natutu ako sa nanay ko .. pero di binigyan ng halaga .. after college na talaga ako natutung magmemorize at pinaghalagaan ang pagrorosary ng nkapasok ako sa isang youth group ng simbahan duon sa amin at ang una kong assignment ay mag lelead ng rosary... u.. :))
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      • Marine Iligan Impreso Nakikita ko sa Lola at Nanay ang debosyon nila sa Santo Rosario si Lola she organized the block rosary in our barrio, si Nanay at Lola ay both devotee of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Si Tatay ko di ko makalimutan sa kanya may pasalubing siyang rosary beads sa mga nagdadasal sa amin nang nagbakasyon siya galing Maynila dahil doon siya nagtatrabaho. Nang high school dito sa Saint Joseph's Academy, I join the Association of Children of Mary Immaculate and the Legion of Mary lalo akong napalapit kay Mama Mary.
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      • Luzvie Reyes dahil sa lagi ako kasama ng lola at nanay ko sa padasal..
        19 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Amelia Dalmacio dahil kay mama ko di alam ang tagalog rosary kundi english lang, siya talaga ang first cathechist naming 3 magkakapatid. .
        18 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
      • Al C. Caballero Binigay niya ang sign na hiningi ko kung kailangan ko ba talaga ipagpatuloy ang pag roRosary!
        18 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Pauline Marie Tutana Cordova dahil po sa aming ina.malilit pa kmi ngrorosaryo na kmi buong pamilya.kadalasan bago mghapunan.kaya bago pa mn ako nkapag aral sa Notre dame school, alam ko na po panu dasalin ang rosaryo.hanggang dd2 sa saudi kahit mag isa lng ako, nagrorosaryo pa rin po ako, at nireremind pa rin po ako ni nanay ko.salamat nay!=)
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      • Rosalie Alvarez Tayona dhil ky l0la q . . . Xa lg kc ang deboto s pamilya namin.
        15 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
      • Block Rosary coz of my lola but d q naiintindihan until i met my husband who gave me d rosary n gawa nya nong nanliligaw p lng and we continue praying with this group .
        13 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Apol Nino dahil po sa friend ko natutu akong mag rosary dhil binigyan nya ako ng guide for rosary.....
        13 hours ago ·  ·  2 people
      • Eleanor L. Manguerra dahil po sa lola ko.hindi ka pwedeng matulog ng hindi nagrosaryo.
        13 hours ago ·  ·  3 people
      • Maricel Repunte Sa nanay ko po. Marian devotee po kasi siya...
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      • Rica Jhane Dulnuan 
        Dahil po sa block rosary na laging dinadluhan ni mama ko. simula po noong alam kong magbasa ay napabilang po ako sa pagbabasa ng Mysteries of the Rosary at dito po nagsimula din na naging active ako during Rosary with my family and friends...See More
        7 hours ago · 
      • Timothy Fajarda may khirapan kung dadasalin ang sto rosaryo sa tagalog pero nevertheless, ms higit n nraramdaman ang presensya ng Inay Maria khit kung minsan ay nkkbulol at mhaba ang oras d 2lad sa wikang ingles mbilis pero prang ngiging ritual lmng ang pnnlangin ng sto rosaryo, kung sbagay alam nmn ni Inay Maria ang lhat ng wika spgkat iba't iba mn tau ng lahi at lengguwahe ang punto ay hindi niya kailanmn nkkligtaan ang pgtwag ng knyang mga anak
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