Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ang tuyo ay paboritong breakfast food ng mga pinoy. Minsan, ito rin ang nagiging sanhi ng iringan ng mga magkakapamilya kung puro ito ang ulam. 

"Mahalaga na magpasalamat tayo sa kung anuman ang nakahain sa hapag-kainan." 

Ang kawawang tuyo minsan ang nasisisi. Narito ang istorya:

In 2009, the Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart (MSSH) in NY has filed a complaint against Filipino couple, Michael and Gloria Lim.The nuns smelled something like a decomposing body and called the Fire Dept.

The firemen were able to trace the source of the smell to the Lims’ unit. When no one answered, they knocked down the door. Gloria was outside and defiantly declared ‘I cook dried fish (tuyo).’ 

Reports say Gloria was smoking fish outside her apartment window when the smell noxious stench to the nuns, divine aroma to the Lims of the salted fish (tuyo) wafted throughout the apartment bldg.

The complaint says some tenants closer to the Lims’ unit have moved out, and that the Lims have been warned repeatedly about the smell emanating from their 16th floor apartment unit. Gloria, a 32-year resident of the U.S. denies this.

Which side to take, undecided tenants turn to what’s stated in the housing rules: Cooking smelly food is not allowed.

The nuns are seeking $75,000 in damages. They made it clear that they have nothing against Filipinos as a people.

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