Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HEALING: A Story that inspired me so much by Bo Sanchez

Let me tell you a story that inspired me so much.

One day, Lina wasn’t feeling well.

When she went to the doctor, they diagnosed her to have an acute rheumatic heart disease. Her heart valves were damaged so much, she needed an immediate heart surgery.

After what appeared to be a successful operation, she woke up with a terrible headache.

Thinking it was just an effect of the anesthesia, the doctors gave her oral pain killers. But the pain didn’t stop. The doctors gave her injectable pain relievers but they didn’t work too.

The headache persisted. This worried her doctors and ordered her to have a cranial MRI to find out what was causing the pain.

To the horror of her family, the doctors found a tumor in her brain.

Imagine this: After her open-heart surgery, Lina went home to prepare for a brain surgery!

Through all this time, Liza told me how much she prayed for her sister Lina. Her sister, Liza, texted all 500 names in her cell phone. She asked her friends in Opus Dei to ask for the intercession of Jose Maria Escriva. 

Soon, Lina went back to the hospital to check if her heart was strong enough for a brain surgery. As she was being prepared for the operation, she noticed that she no longer had headaches.

On the day of the operation, doctors performed a few more tests and MRI’s. The operation was scheduled to start at 7am. But at 9am, the operation had not yet begun. “There are some complications,” the doctors explained to the family. 

After lunch, the doctors called the family to tell them that all the tests showed that the tumor had disappeared! They couldn’t explain it. There was no need for an operation.

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