Monday, March 28, 2011

MAGTANONG KAY FATHER: On the Liturgical Vestments (answered by Fr. Tacky, OFM)

  • Ash Paul asks

    mdami po ako nkktang dpt isinusuot ng pari.. lalo n sa misa.. paano po b ito isinusuot.. at ano ang mga importanteng vestments n dapt lging suot pg mga nbbasa ko po kasi.. ung stole ay sinusuot sa ilalim ng chasuble.. pero bkt po kramihan eh visible ung chasuble at nklabas o nkpatong s chasuble... o ako po ang mali..?? ung puti po b n pnptungan ng stole ay chasuble o alb? pde po b mgmisa n khit kulang ang mga vestments?

    Si Fr. Irineo Tactac, OFW or Fr. Tacky, isang Licentiate student ng Liturgy sa Roma ang sasagot sa iyong tanong: 

    it's a very profound and interesting yet complicated question. The direct answer to your question would be read from 'General Instruction on the Roman Missal' (GIRM) #119 & #337. Regarding Sacred Vestments to be worn by ministers who assist at liturgical celebrations - GIRM #335-347. pero isa- isahin natin sagutin:

    1. ang pagsuot ng stola ay depende sa isinusuot na liturgical vestment. kung ang isinuot ay chasuble with design or decorated, mayroon nang kasamang short stole which is worn by priest inside the chasuble. (that means automatic, ang stola ay nasa loob). pero dahil may mga cases na chasuble with designed stole to be worn over the chasuble (eg. chasuble with center stole, stole with plain white [or other colors] chasuble, etc).

    2. the alb is the proper vesture when assisting in liturgical celebrations (GIRM #336). when assisting/concelebrating at mass, the minimum requirement is to wear alb with stole; but when you preside (as the dignity of presiding ministry), the presider is to wear alb plus chasuble with stole (in this case, the position of the stole depends on the design of the chasuble as i have mentioned above.) however; the festivity of the celebration sometimes warrants the priests (the presider and concelebrants) to wear alb and chasuble with stole.

    3. there are stole designed to be worn over the alb, even without the chasuble; but there are stole (usually short) to be worn only inside the chasuble while there are still short stole used in certain occasions and in administering sacraments (eg. anointing of the sick and confession).

    4. the religious habit or cassock, however, does not supplant the alb (GIRM 336).

    5. as of the moment, may tinatawag na chasuble-alb dahil pinagsama na yung style ng alb at chasuble (alba ang pagkatahi pero maluwag laylayan sa kamay) na kalimitan ay medyo makapal at hindi transparent (to avoid na nakikita yung suot ng pari sa loob).

    6. The question: Pwede po ba magmisa kahit kulang ang mga vestments? I take this question that one/some of the vestments (alb, chasuble, stole) to be worn is missing. The 'minimum requirement' is that a priest to celebrate mass is to wear alb with stole.

    7. There are instances (or ever regular) among religious priests who use their religious habits and put on stole only; further, some also as you pointed out, wear religious habit and chasuble with stole. This is liturgically unacceptable but tolerable, on my personal viewpoint, as long as they don't cause scandal and trouble on the faithful. I hope I have clarified your doubts and have answered justly your question.

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