Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple Penance for Lent (updated daily)

1. SIMPLE PENANCE for Ash Wednesday
AFCC will be suggesting simple penances everyday other than abstinence,fasting and our personal penance. These are just simple ways that may lead us to a deeper realization of Lent. 

For Ash Wed, our simple penance is DON'T COMPLAIN for a day. Wag po tayong magreklamo about the traffic, the weather, politics, salary, or anything na may kinalaman sa ating buhay.

2. SIMPLE PENANCE: (Thursday after Ash Wednesday)
You may give up your favorite beverage today. It may be softdrinks, starbucks, juice, shakes, wine or soda. Plain water will be fine. Just for today, we give them up and while doing this pray for our bros and sisters who are experiencing thirst, physical or spiritual.

3.SIMPLE PENANCE:(Friday after Ash Wednesday)
Talk to somebody whom you are not at ease talking to. It doesn't matter how long or what's the topic of the conversation; just talk to that person. 

If this suggestion does not fit you since you are in good terms with everyone, send an e-mail or FB message instead to a total stranger proclaiming to him/her about the love and goodness of God, or about your faith experience, or a lenten reflection, or a biblical passage and perhaps with an invitation to AFCC. Do not forget to give a short intro of yourself. Just make that stranger FLC (Feel the Love of Christ).

4.SIMPLE PENANCE: (Saturday after Ash Wednesday)
It is already weekend! For many, it is an opportunity to stay up late, perhaps, watch a movie, or stay longer online; and wake up later than usual the following morning. Our suggested penance for today is to sleep earlier than usual and wake up early. In this way, we can have a restful time with the Lord. Pray a simple night prayer before going to bed and sleep thinking of God's love. The moment you wake up the following day, immediately dispose yourself into prayer even if you are still in bed. We have now the time to talk to God a little longer than usual. Tell anything you want to tell Him. God knows everything beforehand but still He is waiting for us. Afterwards, do your ordinary weekend routine conscious that God is always with us no matter what. 

5.SIMPLE PENANCE: (Monday of the First week Lent)

Give up VanityCan you give up using perfume or cologne for a day? Just have an after-shower natural smell while still maintaining proper hygiene. Use deodorant; otherwise, you might giving others their penance. You may also give up for a day your jewelries even make-up (unless needed in your job). This observance may focus our attention more on praying for others than worrying about ourselves.

6. SIMPLE PENANCE: (Tuesday of the First Week of Lent)
While in the 'desert experience' of Lent, can we give up our dessert for a day? No fruit, no candies, no chocolates, no cakes and all sorts of sweets and fruits. This simple penance may be difficult for those who crave for dessert. Let's offer this little suffering for those who were devastated by recent calamities.

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