Sunday, December 4, 2011

Serve with a Smile

by Fe Baguio

"I love Christmas!" yan ang sabi ng alaga kong 8 years old. And I asked her why she loves Christmas,and she said,"because I can receive presents from Santa Claus." Napangiti ako di dahil sa sagot niya kundi dahil bigla niya akong tinanong kung ano raw ang gift ko sa kanya.

Pinaupo ko sya sa lap ko, ang sabi ko, ang gift ko sa 'yo ay araw-araw kong ibinigay sayo."When you are upset I act like a clown to make you smile.We sing together when I bathe you.Whatever you want to eat breakfast, I serve one for you, and whenever you need my a spark of a lightning I stay with you. My special gift I could gift you is my time,you know why?" I said."Why", she asked . "Because I love you"...Tapos sabi niya,"Can you resign?" hehe na ang ibig sabihin pala ay to renew my contract.

We are all here for some special reasons.We should meditate on what our true calling is and how we can serve others better.Like Jesus, He came here to serve and to save us. To serve others,we can use and share our given gifts of SMILE to win their sadness, we can offer a warm hug to clothe their souls of comfort.A pat of affection that we really care for them. At ang tratuhin ang kapwa na may respeto at pagmamahal na maramdaman nilang they are loved.

Ito ang mga given gifts na kaya nating i- offer na di na kailangan pang gumastos. Kakambal na natin ito nung tayo ay isinilang sa mundo- gifts to share with purpose. Our purpose of being here on earth is to seek Jesus first and lead our friends to God in a way that they could feel that they are loved.And thanking God for renewing our life through Christ Jesus' life!

To celebrate Christmas is an event of Togetherness with
Christ-me-and-siblings in Christ!!!!! 

Maligayang Pasko po sa lahat!

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