Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Credo on Life

Our global friend Gie San Juan shares her reflection on the RH Bill.

I look around and I say...

these people do not deserve to have children, they don't have the patience. And there are those living in squatters, why should they have more than two. Actors and actresses, they will just end up in divorce.. no they shouldn't have. Too young. Too old. Too poor. Too rich. Jobless. Too busy. Too conservative. Too liberated. It goes on.

We keep on making human judgments on people and circumstances.

But I have come to believe, trust, and love God that I can not question why, when, and to whom He brings forth life. I may not understand and it is not my domain to do so. That is GOD'S CHOICE. And God's choice is always a gift and a blessing.

He is a REALITY I cannot fully explain but a reality I can not deny.

How we VALUE and treat human life- those gone before us, those with us, and those yet to come is OUR CHOICE. And God knows how often we make mistakes, but the beauty of God's mercy is that there is always a CHOICE even AFTER a CHOICE.

No matter how many mistakes we make in life; LIFE IS NEVER A MISTAKE. Life was first conceived in the heart of God who is love; Thus, every human life, no matter what the circumstances may be is CAPABLE of knowing, receiving, and giving love.

I believe in LOVE that is where God's choice and our choice meets. Thus, every human life has a purpose. Each one is called to love. Each one is invited to an eternal home where only love exists.

This much I believe. Though imperfect and still journeying... I cannot help but stand up for God, uphold the Sanctity of human life, and try and keep on trying to love and grow in love.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Virgin Mary 'crosses the finish line' with Olympic gold runner

London, England, Aug 10, 2012 (CNA/EWTN News).- Ethiopian athlete Meseret Defar provided one of the most emotional moments of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games when she crossed the finish line in the 5000 meter race to win the gold.

She then pulled a picture of the Virgin Mary out from under her jersey, showed it to the cameras and held it up to her face in deep prayer.

An Orthodox Christian, Defar entrusted her race to God with the sign of the cross and reached the finish line in 15:04:24, beating her fellow Ethiopian rival Tirunesh Dibaba, who was the favorite to win.

A teary-eyed Defar proudly showed the picture of the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus that she carried with her for the entire race.

Throughout the event, Defar kept pace with three other Ethiopian runners and three from Kenya, until speeding past them on the homestretch to win gold.

The silver medal went to Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya and the bronze to Dibaba.

Defar is also a two-time world champion in the 3000 meters. In Athens in 2004 she won the gold in the 5000 meters and in Beijing in 2008 she won the bronze.

On June 3, 2006 she broke the world record for the 5000 meters set previously by Turkish runner Elvan Abeylegesse, with a time of 14:24:53.
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  • Ma Jhoanna Gonzales-Guarin to God be all the glory! i love you Mama Mary.

  • Jaime Cabales Quiazon mama mary provide her the strength up to the finish line....she give up everything to the lord...thats why she was blessed with a gold.....god bless her.....
    Sunday at 1:09am ·  · 2

  • Joseph Buena Delfin I greatly admire your faith...may God bless you more...
    Sunday at 1:21am · 

  • John Paul R R amen..
    Sunday at 1:37am · 

  • Rocelita Totaan Almedina touching!!!!!MAMA MARY LOVES YOU!!!!
    Sunday at 2:16am · 

  • Nelson Sandoval La fe mueve montañas, ella confió y esperó y el Señor se lo dio. Una hermosa y orgullosa manera de demostrar su fe. Viva Ntro. Señor Jesucristo, viva nuestra madre la Virgen María, viva la iglesia.
    Sunday at 3:32am ·  · 1

  • Homer Paul Dodong Maningo it was a very clear picture of our "MOTHER of PERPETUAL HELP"... Hail Mary full of grace... we love you so, so much... you are our protector and our guide... to glory.
    Sunday at 5:53am ·  · 1

  • Japhet Badayos Villeta God had manifest His Glory to this woman. God bless you sister..^^
    Sunday at 9:10am · 

  • Fe Jada-ong Nocos In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit!
    Sunday at 9:21am ·  · 1

  • José Raul Rojas Puello no conoce lo que dice la biblia. lee el salmo 115

  • Erwin Avid because of her faith..she won the game...O MARY CONCEIVED W/OUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOUSE TO THEE"

  • Fray Genesis P. Labana Faith can really move mountains..
    Sunday at 1:44pm ·  · 1

  • Merly Suan Maullon Mother of Perpetual Help yong hawak nya Bro :)
    Sunday at 3:23pm · 

  • Nikki Quia-ong oh! my God! what a beautiful SCENE. I LOVE IT. .
    Sunday at 3:43pm · 

  • Coumarane Vasudevan it shows out her faih -- from ethopia --- great---- GOD IS WITH YOU
    Sunday at 3:58pm · 

  • Nehl Stark amen.very ulifting.
    Sunday at 4:38pm · 

  • Chitra Maladkar Congo , great faith
    Sunday at 6:04pm · 

  • Joselito Bristol Bucos she has a big heart of athlete.
    Sunday at 8:01pm · 

  • Rene Jr Medrocillo Mother power. Mama Mary pray for us!
    Sunday at 9:17pm · 

  • Rosemarie Flores ‎..this devotee act also caught my attention, migs...touch ako!
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  • Thathang Doungel BlueBlood Praise the Lord!! May God b with her always!!
    Monday at 7:31am · 

  • Susana Ave your faith saved you and Mother Mary and Jesus was with you during the race keep it up trust in the Lord.God bless you.
    Monday at 9:55am · 

  • Cresilinda Felicilda Lopez That's wonderful..She's truly blessed...

  • Esther Labadan Olario I like this pictures, God Bless you Mama Mary loves you...

  • Crispin M. Pesigan May you Meseret and your whole family be blessed by God!
    Monday at 2:11pm · 

  • Jun Agan that makes the difference.......her FAITH....AMEN
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  • Oliva Rodil-Tabasa AVE MARIA!!!!!
    Monday at 3:32pm · 

  • Alex Legaspi that's faith and hard work.

  • Alfredo Estrada theres nothing impossible of mama mary
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  • Mwharya Khaozyetta God bless you, running with your heavenly mom. you deserve it
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  • Dominique Arcenas Awwww.. ;-)
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  • Adarsh Britto hil mary full of grace
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