Friday, June 22, 2012

On Banning Religious activities in Government Offices

BISHOPS' MOVE: Archbishop Soc on Palatino’s bill: 'It is crazy’
MANILA, June 21, 2012— A ranking Catholic Church official has joined the fray against what he described as ‘a crazy’ proposed bill in Congress that seeks to ban prayer servicesand religious symbols in government offices.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, vice president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, warned that the bill, if approved, would put the nation in peril.

“If we lose our soul as a nation, that’s real downfall. There’s separation of church and state but there is no such thing as separation of God and man,” said Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan.

“It’s crazy because if you know that every person has body and soul and if you separate the body from the soul, what do you create? A dead man. If you separate the soul of the nation from the nation, what do you have? A dead nation.”

“There is separation for Church and State but there is no separation of God and man. The Philippine Constitution itself invokes God Almighty,” he said.

The archbishop was referring to the House bill 6330 or the Religious Freedom in Government Offices Act, which seeks to ban religious activities including Masses, prayers, Christmas parties and blessings in government premises.

Filed by Kabataan party list Rep. Raymond Palatino, the measure also pushes for the removal of religious symbols like the crucifix, Bible, and Koran in public offices.

But Villegas expressed confidence many Filipinos will oppose the passage of the bill. “There are more God loving and God fearing Filipinos than him,” he said.

“Even before the Philippines existed, God was already here and God created the Philippines,” he said. “Let’s just see where he (Palatino) will go after this life.” [RL/CBCPNews]
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    • Ritchel Arellano and they call it freedom. wow. ganyan na pala ang meaning ng freedom? sana hindi ito maaprubahan.
      19 hours ago ·  · 6
    • Jay Encina Let's pray for him nalang. sana magliwanag pa ang isip nya.
      19 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Hans Tolentino Calma he does not represent my views as kabataan!
      19 hours ago ·  · 6
    • Virgilio Hernandez let us always religious..Gods protects Philippines..Mother Mary love us.
      19 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Virgilio Hernandez we are Catholic Roman Church..even in History.Mother Mary help us.
      19 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Andreu Miranda this bill is against freed0m of expressi0n and religi0n. prayers for this y0ung c0ngressman.
      19 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Manay Tess enough with false pretense, there are lots of so called catholic but deep inside they are false and malicious. Marami rito sa Europe hindi naniniwala sa Diyos pero sila ay tapat sa kanilang salita at magaling makipag kapwa.
      19 hours ago · 
    • Rudy Minerales Gusto lang ng naproposed ng bill pag usapan sila. Malapit na eleksyon kailangan nila makilala sila. Malamang hindi Catholic yun mga naproposed.
      19 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Ronald Galdo kung may bulaang Propeta sa kongreso isa ito sa mga "BULAANG" kongresista sayang ang boto ni Juan "God bless Philippines" Amen...
      19 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Rolan Bendon Moit Let us all pray that this bill will not be approved. God bless us always!
      19 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Jean Alcoriza Suñer hindi nya alam ang kanyang ginagawa... may God enlighten his mind. Mr. palatino wala ka ]yatang religion.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Virgilio Hernandez be intellegent religious Catholic Roman Churh..Blessed Pope John Paul I I pray for us..bless our beloved land Pilipinas..
      18 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Lenilia Declaro Shame on you Palatino... you dont deserve to be there! We dont need a man in the congress like you.
      18 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Lenilia Declaro I pity you...
      18 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Michael Jonnas Miranda All of our political leaders need spritual guidance. The best example of a political leader who always asks guidance and wisdom from the Lord is Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao. Rep. Pacquiao is a very prayerful person and he even encourages us to read the Sacred Scriptures in order for our everyday lives to be guided by the Lord. Congressman Pacquiao always puts God as the number one priority of his life and that is why he is very successful in all of his endeavours in life. In the Sacred Scriptures we read about leaders and judges in the Old Testament like Moses, Joshua, Gideon and Samuel and also rightoeus kings like David, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah and Josiah who always put God in the center of their everyday lives. Eventhough they are leaders they always ask for guidance and wisdom coming from the Lord especially when making important decisions and that is why theybecame very successful and effective leaders of God's people. Our leaders must draw inspiration from them. They must continue to ask guidance and wisdom from the Lord in order from them to be successful leaders of our country.
      18 hours ago ·  · 6
    • Anthony S. Datu This priest is the same one who wrote in a lenten article in the Inquirer that Jesus made a mistake.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Anthony S. Datu God's purposes have never been thwarted by an act of Congress. Are we so afraid that God would be rendered so powerless that He needs our help?Is everyone so scandalized about this?
      18 hours ago · 
    • Dondon Lemon whats happened in our goverment , this is the idea of crazy leader in our goverment
      18 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Paulo Opong Gabillete I think it is inappropriate to ban anything about God in any government institution.. We are in a free country..and besides it is stated in 1987 constitutions separation of church and state shall be inviolable... We rely mostly in our Faith in God for our guidance and everything. so let us respect...
      18 hours ago ·  · 4
    • Jon Ortiz He has become a tool of the enemy . . . and we lovers of our sweet LORD must be vigilant to defend HIS KINGSHIP and Kingdom. First in our hearts and minds, then in our families, then in our society and our Land. Our country is one bastion of FAITH, if we become complacent and compromising we're our country's undoing. GOD expects us to remain faithfula nd loyal to HIM. Mama MARY, be with us all always, and we take refuge in your IMMACULATE HEART.
      18 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Peter Ian Ramos Lord, forgive him (Palatino) for he doesn't know what he is thinking and doing.
      17 hours ago · 
    • Mark Catedral Mamon kaya nga may religious freedom eh....walang pakialaman!!! Wag makialam yang Cong. na yan kung anung religious practice gusto ng mga tao.
      17 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Peter Ian Ramos kung tatangalin ang crucifix, bible, rosary, koran sa isang office na gumagamit nito, ibig sabihin nito BAWAL na rin mag SIGN of the CROSS ?
      17 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Rep Quine-Salman Huwag na huwag ng iboboto sa bill na iyan.
      16 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Rep Quine-Salman ‎* ang pipirma o magpapasa ng bill na iyan...(na typo tuloy ako sa inis ih).
      16 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Sophia Alice Cjingco ‎"Nobody may be forced to act against his convictions, nor is anyone to be restrained from acting in accordance with his conscience in religious matters in private or in public, alone or in association with others, within due limits." This right is based on the very nature of the human person, whose dignity enables him freely to assent to the divine truth which transcends the temporal order. For this reason it "continues to exist even in those who do not live up to their obligation of seeking the Truth and adhering to it."

      — CCC #2106
      16 hours ago · 
    • Laika Lumibao sira-ulo yata yang palatino na yan? wala ba siyang maisip na matinong bill?
      15 hours ago ·  · 4
    • Pbebs Tantoy Separation of church and state does not mean separation from God. True freedom does mean being able to do what you want to do but what you ought to do. Anybody is free to jump from the Empire State Bldg., but after he drops to the ground he is no longer free - to move. Palatino is free not to worship God and not to honor signs of worship like some people in Europe, but is he now free to move around with the freedom of conscience of the free children of God ? As per Archb. Villegas, God (our Bathala) was in the Philippines long before the Spaniards came, long before Palatino came into being. It's God in the Philippines yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but Palatino will be gone from history, forgotten, and unsung forever, with prayers he didn't like said at his wake and the cross he despised over his grave.
      13 hours ago ·  · 3
    • Fray Choobiebot true freedom always tends toward what is good...the concept of freedom as doing whatever you want is a product of relativism...a very selfish understanding!!!
      10 hours ago ·  · 2
    • Cheryl Remo Dela Cruz OMG... of all bill passed by congress, this is it!!!... congress should focus attention to starving Filipinos hunger for food, for unmeployment etc... dami dapat bigyan ng prioirty not this "Palatino Bill"... mag trabaho nga kayo sa kongreso, laki ng sahod namin sa inyo!... kaming mga taxpayer!!!... grrrrrrrrrrr.... :(
      8 hours ago · 
    • Stolt Alingalan kung pdeng mag pa excommunicate sa simbahan at kung katoliko si Mr. palatino.. pde ba syang i - canditate for ex-communication!? May God bless you Mr. palatino !
      8 hours ago · 
    • Isagani Santos Jose Anti- Christ are very much around!!!
      8 hours ago · 
    • Maricor Beldia Maawa sya sa sarili nya ung congressman na yan.herecy!!the devil use him.hindi sya mananalo.if God is with us,who can be againts us..Lets pray for him for enlightenment.
      8 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Apol Laoit mr. palatino needs counseling! DI NIYA ALAM ANG KANYANG GINAGAWA!
      7 hours ago · 
    • Foordon Agatep Abenir Palatino doesn't need counselling, he is an ANTI-CHRIST! he knows well what he is doing. he is the one that should be banned from government offices and be banned to serve the government, banned to serve the people, he is the Lady Ga-ga that they are looking for. Let us start to light thousand candles in EDSA to kick him out of the Congress.
      7 hours ago · 
    • Celia Aquino Palatino needs enlightenment
      7 hours ago · 
    • Margaret Whyte Let us all pray that Mr. Palatino's bill will not be approved. Lord forgive him he doesn't know what he is thingking/doing........ God expects us to remain faithful & loyal to him. Mama Mary Pray for us!!!! Tattan payen nga tiempo madumaduma nga crimen ti mpaspasamaken?
      6 hours ago · 
    • Roque Saquilabonjr it would be better if Raymond Palatino be ousted from any government seats and offices.
      6 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Arc Mendoza Grabe,,, eh s kapitolyo s amin, every first friday may misa kami s capitol. Blit pti un pinapaalis un... Pati religious ng tao pinakilialaman, dpat ayusin nila ang paghihirap ng pilipinas, mga pulubi... God Bless Him.
      3 hours ago · 
    • Marissa Flores Clemente No to Palatino Bill..
      2 hours ago · 
    • Charlene Aguilar Escobal Palatino isa ka sa mga kinamumuhiang tao sa Pilipinas ngayon, kawawa ka naman sa dami ng galit sayo napakadaming misa at indulgencia ang kelangan mo para makapasok ka sa pinto ng langit. Kung gusto mo mapahamak ikaw na lang, wag ka ng mandamay. Kung ayaw mo magdasal at magsimba mag-isa ka! Wag mo kami batasan di mo kami pag-aari. Ang relihiyon namin ay sa pagitan namin at ng Diyos namin, at ipakikita namin sa paraang gusto namin. Pushers ang hulihin mo wag mga faithful!
      2 hours ago · 
    • Mark Estallo definitely Palatino's Bill is absurd and a violation of religious freedom as stated and mandated in our Constitution (Sec.5, Art.III Bill of Rights). Ordinarily, a person is both political/social or religious being.
      33 minutes ago · 

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