Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Credo on Life

Our global friend Gie San Juan shares her reflection on the RH Bill.

I look around and I say...

these people do not deserve to have children, they don't have the patience. And there are those living in squatters, why should they have more than two. Actors and actresses, they will just end up in divorce.. no they shouldn't have. Too young. Too old. Too poor. Too rich. Jobless. Too busy. Too conservative. Too liberated. It goes on.

We keep on making human judgments on people and circumstances.

But I have come to believe, trust, and love God that I can not question why, when, and to whom He brings forth life. I may not understand and it is not my domain to do so. That is GOD'S CHOICE. And God's choice is always a gift and a blessing.

He is a REALITY I cannot fully explain but a reality I can not deny.

How we VALUE and treat human life- those gone before us, those with us, and those yet to come is OUR CHOICE. And God knows how often we make mistakes, but the beauty of God's mercy is that there is always a CHOICE even AFTER a CHOICE.

No matter how many mistakes we make in life; LIFE IS NEVER A MISTAKE. Life was first conceived in the heart of God who is love; Thus, every human life, no matter what the circumstances may be is CAPABLE of knowing, receiving, and giving love.

I believe in LOVE that is where God's choice and our choice meets. Thus, every human life has a purpose. Each one is called to love. Each one is invited to an eternal home where only love exists.

This much I believe. Though imperfect and still journeying... I cannot help but stand up for God, uphold the Sanctity of human life, and try and keep on trying to love and grow in love.

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